Clear View Professional Counseling, Inc. - Quality Mental Health Services for Growth and Healing
Our Services
  • Mental Health Assessments
Assessments are face-to-face clinical evaluations preformed by a licensed mental health professional, and are used to determine an individual's functionality, psychological state, diagnosis, and current needs.  
  • Individualized Treatment Planning
Treatment Plans set forth measurable goals and objectives to guide a person towards successful treatment outcomes. Treatment plans are developed individually, based on a person's presenting problems, diagnosis, and assessment.
  • Discharge/Transition Planning
Discharge/Transitions Plans set forth criteria for discharge, which are developed
on an individual basis, with the active participation of each client.
  • Individual, Group, and Family Psychotherapy
Counseling services focus on promoting change, communication, and  understanding. Our services are goal-directed, utilize accepted counseling approaches, and are based on individual needs and treatment objectives. 
  • Psychosocial Education
Psychosocial Education services are provided with the goals of promoting understanding and knowledge relevant to presenting problems and treatment needs, and to support wellness and recovery.  These services are routinely included during counseling sessions. 
  • Crisis Intervention
Crisis intervention services provide or assist persons in crisis with obtaining all services necessary to stabilize the situation within a safe environment, and to locate any other needed services and/or resources.
We do not evaluate, prescribe, dispense, or administer medications to persons served for any purpose.  Medication needs are addressed through referral to appropriate resources. 
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